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Another huge birthday shoutout to my brother @protejay_ !! You’re officially a man now so no more baby jokes I guess lol I’m proud of you bro and how much you’re already accomplished at your age! Xswizit is better than it’s ever been, you’re killing it in Hosa, you’re progressing in your craft and bringing several up with you, and you’re just making an overall great impression on those around you. Just let me know when you’re in the White House Mr. President. #teamxswizit #panduhmonium #dancefam #futureroommate #rideordie #homiestatus

I’ve been waiting all month to post this!! Happy Birthday to my amazing little sis and best friend in the whole world @harmoni99 !! Never a dull moment with this one and the laughs never end. I’m so beyond proud of her! Beast on volleyball court, scholar in the classroom, and just a natural swag for days. I love you Sis!

Emma Slater doe! 😍 Definitely my #wcw and my #dancecrush. I’ve actually watched every episode of DWTS this season just to see her kill it each week. Honestly didn’t know who she was until I met her at our DWD event with Fred Astaire, but I’m glad I did. I’m considering ballroom lessons now @EmmaSlaterDance lol

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