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In honor of national dance day, I had to show honor to our crew Panduhmonium! I love you guys and have been so blessed to know and grow together with each of you. Even though everyone is in their own walk of life, we’re still a family and those experiences we’ve all shared are timeless. #TeamPanduh

Thanks to everyone who came out to Summer Session at Labelle!! I’ve had such a blast vibing out with everyone! If you missed it and still want to take class, we have Strive Summer Intensive starting Monday! This was our last class for Summer Session, and I’m very proud of how hard everyone worked to grow and learn. See the full video and different links my Facebook page ๐Ÿ˜ #summersession #lpac #dancelife #dancefam #toomanyhashtags #filterit #bloch #iggyazalea #arianagrande #problems (at LaBelle Performing Arts)

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